Meet Briana


My name is Briana Boyd, and I am the owner of BTDC Property Management, LLC. As a child, I recall accompanying my dad, Timothy Boyd, on numerous real estate related transactions. My siblings and I had to occupy ourselves with countless games of Tic-Tac-Tow, I Spy, Name that Song, or any other technology free game that we could think of while he showed a house. He also did contracting work, so if someone needed a pipe fixed, we had to tag along as well- it was never ending. What I grew to appreciate was my father’s commitment to putting families in quality homes. He tried his best to work with every person who he came in contact with, no matter their race, gender, or socio-economic status. In those moments, I knew that I wanted to honor him by continuing his legacy.

During the summer of 2016, I began the process of becoming a real estate agent. I am currently working with Ashworth Realty in Douglasville, Georgia. I have worked with a number of clients looking to buy or sell real property, and I have walked away from each transaction knowing that I had a hand in putting a family in a quality home.

While completing a contract with ADMT Holdings, LLC., the owner insisted that I begin a property management business as an extension of my real estate work. The seed that he planted has anchored it’s foundation and is in full bloom! In December of 2017, BTDC Property Management, LLC. was established had has since been contracted to manage multi and single unit residential properties throughout the Metro-Atlanta area.

For your property management and real estate needs, allow me to put you and your family in a quality home!

Warmest Regards,